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Public Works Staff Directory
Published on: 1/25/2012 12:00 AM


Steve Castleberry, Director of Public Works
(530) 265-1411 steven.castleberry@co.nevada.ca.us 


Carolyn Nealon, Administrative Assistant II

(530) 265-1506 carolyn.nealon@co.nevada.ca.us


Linda Bauer, Senior Office Assistant

(530) 265-1447  linda.bauer@co.nevada.ca.us


Engineering/Transportation Planning/Traffic Division:

Joshua Pack, Principal Civil Engineer

(530) 265-7059  joshua.pack@co.nevada.ca.us


Tim Wood, Senior Civil Engineer / County Surveyor

(530) 265-1712  tim.wood@co.nevada.ca.us


David Garcia, Transportation Planner

(530) 265-7038  david.garcia@co.nevada.ca.us


Marc Mikan, Assistant Engineer

(530) 265-7104  marc.mikan@co.nevada.ca.us


David Borchert, Engineering Technician III

(530) 470-2647  david.borchert@co.nevada.ca.us 

Road Maintenance and Fleet Divisions

Dave Keck, Road Superintendent

(530) 477-6849 extension 101  dave.keck@co.nevada.ca.us


Gene Yeoman, Road Supervisor 

(530) 477-6849 extension 102  gene.yeoman@co.nevada.ca.us


Colten Gould, Road Supervisor

(530) 477-6849 extension 103 colten.gould@co.nevada.ca.us


Scotty Borror, Fleet Manager

(530) 477-6849 extension 104 scotty.borror@co.nevada.ca.us


Joshua Hylinski, Sr. Heavy Equipment Mechanic

(530) 477-6849 extension 105  josh.hylinski@co.nevada.ca.us


Angela Costa, Sr. Accounting Assistant

(530) 477-6849 extension 116 angela.costa@co.nevada.ca.us


Transit Division:

Susan Healy-Harman, Transit Services Manager

(530) 477-0103 extension 1003 



Kim Williamson, Sr. Office Assistant

(530) 477-0103 extension 1004 kim.williamson@co.nevada.ca.us


Solid Waste Division:

David Garcia, Interim Program Manager  

(530) 265-7038  david.garcia@co.nevada.ca.us  


Wastewater/Nevada County Sanitation District No. 1:

Brad Torres, Wastewater Operations Manager

(530) 265-7103 brad.torres@co.nevada.ca.us


County Surveyor:  

Tim Wood, Sr. Civil Engineer / County Surveyor

(530) 265-1712 tim.wood@co.nevada.ca.us


Kevin Nelson

(530) 265-7022  kevin.nelson@co.nevada.ca.us


Mailing and Physical Address:


Department of Public Works

950 Maidu Avenue, 1st Floor

Nevada City, CA  95959 


24-Hour Emergency Sewer Phone Number: (530) 265-1555

Steve Castleberry
Director of Public Works
Public Works

950 Maidu Avenue Suite 170
Nevada City, Ca 95959
Hours: 8am-5pm M-F
Phone: 530.265.1411
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