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Falls Prevention Coalition of Nevada County
Published on: 1/31/2012 12:00 AM
Photo: Falls Prevention Week 2008  

The Falls Prevention Coalition of Nevada County, formerly the Senior Fall Prevention Project, was founded in Spring, 2006.  Our mission then and now is to reduce the risk of falls through education.  Our vision is to create a community that empowers seniors and people with disabilities to reduce their risk of falling, thereby enhancing their quality of life and maintaining their independence. 



Falls Facts: Why Falls in Seniors are a Problem 
  • Every year one in three seniors fall, sometimes more than once.
  • Falls are the leading cause of non-fatal injury and injury death in people 65 years or older.
  • Falls are the leading cause of admission to skilled nursing facilities.
  • Falls among older adults cause over 90 percent of broken hips, two-thirds of whom will not recover post fracture mobility. Only 50 percent will remain independent and as many as 20 percent will not survive one year.

Falls Facts: The Problem in Nevada County

  • Falls are the primary cause of nonfatal injury hospitalizations in Nevada County.
  • Of the 497 seniors hospitalized in Nevada County because of injuries in 2009, 375 (75%) were admitted due to falls….a steady increase since 1991 when 194 seniors fell and were admitted to the hospital
  • The second highest cause of hospitalization, motor vehicle accidents, injured 90.
  • The total cost of hospitalization for the 375 seniors admitted in 2009 due to falls in Nevada County alone was over $11 million.
  • Over 1,200 seniors went to the ER due to a fall in 2006.  That figure only represents 22% of those who fell.  Over 70% were treated and sent home.
  • These numbers do not reflect the large number of people who call 911 for fall-related emergencies, but who are not transported to the hospital, and the number who do go to the ER but are not admitted to the hospital.


For more information contact the Falls Prevention Coalition of Nevada County Coordinator Cynthia Schuetz by calling Helpline Information and Assistance at (530) 273-2273.

OR visit STOPFALLS.ORG the official Website of the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence.
Social Outreach Program: download this flyer about scheduling a no-cost home visit with an Outreach Nurse.
Stroll and Roll with others by creating a Walk Club!  Download this flyer to find out how.
More Information 
The Coalition has come a long way since it began in April 2006 with a $25,000 foundation grant. 
A list of our membership.
Links to stories and articles published about falls prevention and our program. 
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