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Public Guardian - Public Conservator

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Public Guardian - Public Conservator
Published on: 2/2/2012 12:00 AM
The Department of Social Services of the County of Nevada, Public Guardian Services (PG) mission is to safeguard the lives and property of conservatees who cannot care for themselves, with the least possible restriction of their personal liberties. Every effort is made to assist family members who are willing and able to step in and provide care for a loved one.  When no other alternatives are available, the Office of the Public Guardian (PG) provides assistance for the person who is unable to care for his or her personal needs or financial resources. Because of the potential consequences of such action it is suggested that one seek counsel or assistance from The Public Law Library.
The Public Guardian responds to referrals from Adult Protective Services, local law enforcement agencies and the Superior Court to investigate persons, usually elderly, who are unable to properly provide for their personal needs of physical health, food, clothing or shelter, who are at risk of undue influence by others, or whose property is subject to loss, injury, waste or mismanagement. When appointed by the court, the Public Guardian assumes responsibility for personal care of the person or his or her finances or both.
The main responsibility of the conservator of the person, whether private or public, is to provide each conservatee with the best and most independent living environment possible, within their abilities and resources. The conservator assures that all personal care, medical care and services needed to maintain a safe and comfortable living environment are provided for the conservatee.
It is important to be aware that a conservatorship is a serious legal process and it is not intended for immediate emergency intervention. Implementation of a conservatorship often results in an individual losing several, if not all, of their civil rights. The Court will determine based on recommendations which rights will be lost and retained. If there is an immediate concern regarding an elder or dependent adult, please contact the Adult Protective Services office at (530) 265-1639.
In case of a life-threatening emergency, CALL 9-1-1.
Families and individuals wishing to avoid conservatorship: 
Nevada County Adult Services, including Adult Protective Services and the Public Guardian's Office, offers referrals to families to help avoid the need to conserve your loved-one if he/she becomes unable to provide for food, shelter or clothing, or if he/she becomes a danger to self or others due to significant dementia or mental illness.  This does not replace good legal advice for Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care/Estate and Living Trusts which name conservators ahead of time, but our office has many referrals and handouts to provide.  We will be glad to either mail you information or arrange a personal appointment.
If you are an independent senior who wants to maintain your independence in your own home as long as possible, we can assist you with setting up many services and safety-nets early on to avoid the necessity for a conservatorship should you eventually lose your capacity for decision-making.  Many of our clients self-refer to Adult Services for information and to plan for their upcoming years.  A social worker will be glad to meet in the privacy of your home or talk with you over the phone.  All contacts are strictly confidential.



Nevada County Department of Social Services
Public Guardian

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