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CalWORKs Cash Assistance

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CalWORKs Cash Assistance
Published on: 3/14/2012 12:00 AM
CalWORKs provides cash assistance to families with children who have little or no income.  If you are the parent or caretaker relative of an eligible child or eligible children, you may be eligible to receive cash assistance through the California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) Program.
Most adults can get up to 60 months of cash aid. There are, however, certain circumstances that, if present, enable the adult to be exempted from this time limit. When cash aid stops for the adult family members, money may still be available to help support minor children in the home.
How to Apply:
You can apply online at the C4Yourself WebsiteLook in the upper right hand area of the page under "Apply for Benefits."
You may apply for CalWORKs through the Truckee or Nevada City offices.
Specific eligibility requirements take into account an applicant's citizenship, age, income, resources, assets and other factors. Generally, services are available to:
  • Families that have a child(ren) in the home who has been deprived of parental support or care because of the absence, disability or death of either parent.
  • Families with a child(ren) when both parents are in the home but the principal earner is unemployed.
  • Needy caretaker relatives of a foster child(ren).
Application Status
A notice of action is mailed to you when your application is approved or denied.   You can call the worker or team of workers assigned to your case to check the status of your application.  You may also e-mail us with any questions or to start the application process.