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Materials Available at the Doris Foley Library

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Materials Available at the Doris Foley Library
Published on: 4/9/2012 12:00 AM

The following list of materials can be found at the Doris Foley Library for Historical Research.

The Library contains research materials regarding Nevada County history. All materials are for in-Library use only; though many of the books are available at other branches for check out. Resources available at the Foley Library date from the early 1850s and include:

Aerial Photographs
Ancestry.com (available at the library on public computers)
Assessment and Tax Records Collection
Bancroft Works Collection (Vol. 1-39)
Baptism Indexes 1855-1871 Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Birth Records
Board of Equalization Order Book
California Blue Book
California Information File; General Magazine Index
California Reports 1852-1916; 1931-1932 vol. 2-178; vol. 214
California State Marriages; Bride Index 1960-1985
California State Marriages; Groom Index 1960-1985
California; My Playhouse was a Concord Coach 1822-1888
Cemetery Records Collection and Indexes
Census Data and Indexes
Census of Nevada County
Church Records
City Directory Collection
Cornish Collection
County and Ledger Index
County Court Calendar
County Court Cost Book
Death Records
Directories and phone books
Draft Registrations, Civilian; Nevada County 1917-1918
Emmanuel Episcopal Church (Births, Deaths, Marriages)1855-1942
Empire Mine State Historic Park; Historical Information
Estray Records (1857-1927)
Genealogy Collection
Genealogy Room
General Histories of Nevada County
Gold Mineralization at the Oriental Mine, Alleghany, CA by Raymond Martin Coveney 1972
HeritageQuest Online powered by Ancestry - Requires valid Nevada County Library card
History of California by Franklin Tuthill
History of Nevada County California With Illustrations 1880
History of Nevada County; collection of books about the people
History of Placer and Nevada Counties, California with Biographical Sketches by W.B. Lardner and M.J. Brock (pub. 1924)
Idaho-Maryland Mines Corporation Personnel Files Index
Immigration and Ethnic Groups
Index and Record of Certificates of Residence 1944-1949
Index to California Land Patents; Nevada and Sierra Counties
Index to Cases
Index to Decrees
Index to Gold Rush Theatre in Nevada City
Insane Commitments 1901-1969
Internal Revenue Assessment Lists (1862-1874)
Johnathon Meredith Papers (vol. 29, 30 of the 34 volumes) 1795-1859
Jones Hospital Births  1918-1950
Journals of the California Legislature 1850, First Session
Judgement Dockets 1932-1945
Judgment Books  1859-1961
Judgment Rolls 1876-
Kitt's Index (1856-1922)
Law and Motion Calendar
Ledger, Washington Store
Letters and Bonds 1881-1899
Letters of Guardianship and Bonds (1892-1931)
Local Organizations
Maps of Area, Towns, Cemeteries and Railroads
Marks and Brands
Marriage Indexes and Certificates July- 1856 thru March 1870
Memorial and Biographical History of Northern California -Illustrated Published 1891
Military Records
Mining and Scientific Press Index to Mines
Mining Collection of hundreds of books, periodicals and maps
Minutes and Orders (Civil and Criminal)
Model Architect Volumes 1 & 2
Mortuary Records
Moving and Park Violations (1959-1969)
National Hotel Ledger and Scrapbook
Naturalization Index and Records 1856-1959
Nevada California Journal of Mines and Geology XXXVII July 1941 v. 37
Nevada County Coroner Register (1915-1930)
Nevada County Cultural Community
Nevada County History File
Nevada County Hospital Death Records 1859-1935
Nevada County Militia (1866-1867)
Nevada County Mining Industry Reference Guide
Nevada County Veterans
Newspaper Collection (1851-2001)

Newspapers (including The Grass Valley Daily Union 1865-1885; California Digital Newspaper Collection, a freely accessible repository of digitized California newspapers from 1846 to the present)

Official Bonds
Probate Orders 1856-
Probate Record Collection

Probate and Tax Records

Ranchos, Gold Mines, and Rancherias: A Socioeconomic History of Indians and Whites in Northern California 1821-1860 by Albert L. Hurtado
Records of Orphans on State Aid  1904-1912
Register of Actions  (Civil and Criminal)
Register of Certificates of Optometry, Nevada County 1903-1943
Register of Oustamah Lodge (1873-1970)
Register of Partnerships  1874-1899
Register of Physicians and Undertakers
Register of School Warrants  1902-1907
Register Persons and Partners Under Fictitious Name  1874-
Registration of Dentist  1902-1949
Reminiscences of Senator William M. Stewart by William M. Stewart; edited by Geroge Rothwell Brown 1908
San Francisco Newspaper Index
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
School Funding/Teachers  From dates 1881-1892
School/Education Records Collection
Small Claims Court Dockets
Stereoscopic Photos of Around the World
Surveyors Records (1891-1936)
The Grass Valley Union on CD-ROM  January 1865-June 1885
Transcript Judgments
Tribes of California by Stephen Powers and John Wesley Powell; 1877
U.S. Post Offices; Report of Site Locations 1865-1946 (Mono, Nevada, and Yuba)
Video Collection
Vigilante Days and Ways by Nathaniel Pitt Langford  (Two volume book)
Vital Records Index of the County (actual records are at the County Recorder's office)

Voter Registries

Water use in the Yuba and Bear River Basins, California by Thomas Harsha Pagenhart 1969
Women's History of Nevada County
Laura Pappani
County Librarian

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