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Read Up! Literacy Service

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Read Up! Literacy Service
Published on: 4/3/2012 12:00 AM








Read Up! en español
Read Up! es un servicio del condado para adultos 16 años o mayor que no están enscribidos en la escuela secundaria. 

The program’s mission is to help adults build their reading and writing skills through the FREE, CONFIDENTIAL, ONE-ON-ONE efforts of volunteer tutors.  All instructional materials are provided by Read Up!

Read Up! builds reading, writing, speaking and math skills!

Basic ESL Online Learning

FREE instruction and materials

  • One-on-one tutoring by volunteer tutors who really care
  • Completely confidential
  • Flexible scheduling, begin building skills TODAY!

Over 30 million adults nationwide struggle with everyday basic life tasks!  Read Up! knows that there are many people in this county who would benefit by improving their skills, so we have made it especially easy and comfortable to get help!

Read Up! participants will improve all areas of their lives, by building skills to:

  • Read and write better
  • Understand school, business and community activities
  • Help children with their homework
  • Understand nutritional and medical information
  • Fill out job applications and other important papers
  • Read maps and schedules

Imagine what a gift this would be for a friend, employee or even yourself?  Everyone will benefit from this opportunity for friends, associates, fellow employees and family members to enhance their skills and enjoy an easier, more productive and enriched life.  Personal lives and work opportunities will improve.  And, there is absolutely no cost obligation: the service is totally FREE!

Read Up! can help students with pre-school children (under 5 years of age) take advantage of the Family Reading Program and enjoy storytelling, word games, and fun reading for the whole family! 

Read Up! is located at:
Madelyn Helling Library
980 Helling Way
Nevada City, CA 95959
(530) 470-2772

Truckee Library
10031 Levon Avenue
Truckee, CA 96161
(530) 575-7030

Email us
Thinking About How You Can Help?
Do YOU know someone who would benefit from improved Reading, Writing, Speaking and Math Skills?  Let them know about this program!

Read Up! Tutor Information and Resources
Tutor job description and application, training materials, online monthly tutor reports or downloadable monthly tutor report forms. ​

Laura Pappani
County Librarian

980 Helling Way
Nevada City, Ca 95959
Hours: Varies by Branch
Phone: 530.265.7050
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Read Up! en Español