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July 2016 - Probation Newsletter

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July 2016 - Probation Newsletter
Published on: 7/7/2016 12:00 AM
The more things change the more things stay the same. This is a famous quote but I don’t completely agree with it. I know change can be difficult for most people. Change makes us anxious and unsure at times. Personally, I embrace change. I feel change is healthy and a needed boost to sustain a successful organization. Although with change some things do remain the same, others should not.
Take probation for example. If we perform evidenced based practices with fidelity in mind, then we must always assess, tweak and change or practices to maximize our outcomes. This responsibility falls primarily on me to ensure best practices. However, I can-not do this alone. It takes an entire team committed to this philosophy. We need everyone committed to per-forming all types of EBP to the highest form of integrity. Some of these practices include accurate documentation, risk assessments done completely, motivational interviewing, risk based supervision, interventions to address the top 3 criminogenic needs, rewarding at a proven rate of 4-1 over sanctions, utilizing the sanction matrix. Over the past four years we have developed a strong team that can achieve all of these facets of EBP. However, I know we can improve in our knowledge of EBP and also in our daily use.
I have discussed some of our practices and now we need to move forward and continue to adapt and change. In July we are starting a Pre Trial supervision program which will reduce jail population by releasing lower risk offenders to community supervision and avoiding contamination with higher risk offenders in the jail. In the near future, I am hopeful we can start a Reentry program in the jail. This will provide services to offenders in jail prior to their release and connect them to those same services in the community. Both of these programs are successful, proven practices nationwide that reduce recidivism and protect public safety.
Six years ago, Nevada County Proba-tion didn’t know what Evidenced Based Practices was. Today, thanks to all our staff, I feel very confident knowing we are ahead of most counties around the state by focusing on change and utilizing best practices.