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CACEO Military and Overseas Voters GuideDate: 3/15/2013 Size: 5MB
CACEO Military and Overseas Voters Guide.pdf … he Military and Overseas Subcommittee of …

Web Page
Campaign FinanceDate: 1/28/2014 Size: 181KB
The Political Reform Act requires candidates to file campaign statements disclosing …

Web Page
Candidates and Running for OfficeDate: 12/4/2013 Size: 182KB
Candidates-and-Running-for-Office.aspx … Next Regularly Scheduled Election June 3, 2014 …

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Department InformationDate: 4/23/2013 Size: 182KB
Toll Free: 1-888-395-1298 … Email: elections.mail@co.nevada.ca.us   …

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Elections Links of InterestDate: 4/25/2013 Size: 182KB
User-friendly information about the why, what and how of California elections …

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FAQs about Registering to VoteDate: 8/21/2013 Size: 186KB
FAQs-about-Registering-to-Vote.aspx … How to Register to Vote To register to vote …

Hart InterCivic Press KitDate: 3/15/2013 Size: 92KB
Hart InterCivic, Inc. • PO Box 80649 • Austin, TX 78708-0649 • 800.223.HART …

Web Page
Historical Election Results 2005-2008Date: 3/15/2013 Size: 183KB
Historical-Election-Results-2005-2008.aspx … Official Results by Precinct Web Page.htm …

Web Page
Historical Election Results 2009-2012Date: 3/15/2013 Size: 184KB
2012 November Presidential General Election Local Results …

Web Page
Historical Election Results 2013Date: 6/17/2013 Size: 181KB
2013 May Higgins Area Fire Protection District Special Election …