CodeRED Emergency Alerts

CodeRED Sign Up buttonCodeRED sends alerts to your mobile device or your landline via text message or phone call if an emergency is happening in your neighborhood.  Sign up to receive emergency alerts from your local Nevada County emergency response team.

CodeRED Sign Up Tips

It is recommended to sign up all phone numbers associated with your home address. For example, sign up your cell phone, your landline, and your family members cell phones who are living at your residence so everyone receives a CodeRED emergency alert during an emergency event in your neighborhood.

It is also recommended to add CodeRED's two phone numbers 1(866) 419-5000 and 1(855) 969-4636 to your cell phone and/or landline contacts as "CodeRED Emergency Alerts." This way, when you receive a phone call from either of CodeRED's phone numbers during an emergency event, you will be able to recognize the call as a CodeRED alert rather than easily mistaking the 1-866 or 1-855 number as a telemarketer.

CodeRED Implementation

Effective June 1, 2014, Nevada County will have a new emergency and mass notification provider. The transition from CityWatch to the industry-leading, high-speed mass notification system, CodeRED, began earlier this year.

Visit the CodeRED website to get signed up or sign in. For additional information, read the Community Flyer (PDF).

Features & Benefits

The transition to CodeRED will offer Nevada County residents access to patented technologies that were not available with the previous provider. Public safety officials will be able to more effectively communicate time-sensitive messages using the CodeRED system's robust dialing infrastructure that is entirely managed by its parent company, Emergency Communications Network. This access will allow calls to be delivered seconds after public safety officials launch a message. Additionally, the County will have the ability to better target notifications geographically, only notifying those community members impacted by an alert.


Nevada County residents who registered with CityWatch have been transferred to the new CodeRED system, however all residents of Nevada County are encouraged to update their existing information and enroll additional contact information through the Nevada County Office of Emergency Services enrollment page.

Phone Information

Residents and Businesses who are using AT&T as your landline phone provider; your home phone number is already added as the part of a Public Safety Data Base available to public safety agencies. You are still encouraged to add your cell phone information to the CodeRed data base.

Personal Contact Information

Contact information accessed through CodeRed will only be used by Public Safety Officials for emergency notification.

Removal of Phone Numbers

If you would like your phone number(s) removed from the CodeRED system, please email with the phone number(s) you would like deleted and the name of the person the phone number is registered to. Deleting your phone number will have no impact on your ability to be identified when dialing 911.