Land Use and Development Code Chapter II, Sec. L-II 5.23 Enforcement by Administrative Citation. The following words shall have a specific meaning for purposes of the Administrative Citation, as follows.
  • Charge means a late charge or interest charge imposed due to a Responsible Party’s failure to make full and timely payment of money owed to the County.
  • Citation means an administrative citation which can be any written instrument authorized by the Code Compliance Division Manager for the purpose of giving specific notice of a Code violation in accordance with this Section.
  • Code means the Nevada County Land Use and Development Code, the California Health and Safety Code, and such other codes and standards as are incorporated into this Code by Section L-V 1.4, with or without local amendment.
  • Cost means an expenditure of money by the County which has been incurred during enforcement actions against violations of this Code, including but not limited to administrative costs, staff time, and attorney fees.
  • Day or Days means a calendar day or calendar days.
  • Fine means "administrative fines and penalties" as those terms are used in Sections 25132 and 53069.4 of the Government Code.
  • Fee means the amount of money authorized by the Board of Supervisors pursuant to Section 25132, Sections 54985-54988, and Sections 66016 and 66018 of the Government Code in order to enable County recovery of the cost of services rendered in the course of enforcement action or remedial action against continuing violations, including but not limited to permit fees, fines, late charges, and interest.
  • Hearing Body means the officer or board assigned to hear a matter as provided by Section 5.21.H of this Article. "Hearing Body" shall be deemed to be a hearing board under Section 54988(b) of the Government Code, or a housing appeals board under Section 17920.6 of the Health and Safety Code, or a board of appeals under Section 111 of the International Property Maintenance Code adopted by Section L-V of this Code.
  • Responsible Party or Responsible Parties means those responsible for causing or continuing a nuisance or violation of this Code; this includes, but is not limited to, the property owner or the person in control of the premises, including any partnership, corporation, association, limited liability company, trust, firm, or other legal entity.
  • Superior Court means the Superior Court of the State of California in and for the County of Nevada.