Final Administrative Order

If the Hearing Officer determines at the conclusion of the administrative hearing that the responsible party violated the Code, the Hearing Officer’s order shall describe the violation(s) and may determine a penalty which may include fines, fees, costs, and charges. An order of the Hearing Body becomes final when it has been upheld on appeal or the time for appeal has run.  A final administrative order shall be served on the parties within ten (10) days after the hearing. If the order validates any part of the citation, then the parties shall be informed of the following:

  1. The final amount of any fine imposed by the Hearing Officer shall be determined and payable to the Community Development Agency’s Fiscal Unit within thirty (30) days of the final order, and any deposit in excess of the fine shall be ordered to be returned. In the event that the responsible party seeks judicial review of the final administrative order, payment of any fines, fees, costs, or charges shall be stayed pending the decision of the Superior Court.
  2. Pursuant to Section 53069.4(b) of the Government Code, a responsible party may seek judicial review of the final administrative hearing order or decision by filing a timely appeal with the Superior Court within twenty (20) days after service of the final administrative order. The Superior Court shall hear the appeal de novo, except that the contents of the Code Compliance Division’s file shall be received in evidence. If the decision of the court is against the responsible party, and the administrative fine has not been deposited within thirty (30) days of the court’s final order, the County may proceed to collect the penalty pursuant to the procedures set forth in L-II 5.23.K.