Payment & Collection of Administration Penalty

In the event the responsible party fails to pay the administrative penalty and costs when due, the County may take any action permitted by law to collect the unpaid administrative penalty.  Such action may include, but is not limited to, recordation of a lien on the subject property, including lien pursuant to Government Code Section 54988, or a small claims action for a civil money judgment.  The County shall provide the owner of the property with a minimum of thirty (30) days written notice of intent to commence collection of the administrative penalty, including the intended method of collection.  Notice shall be deemed to have been received by the responsible party five (5) days after it was sent by certified mail to the responsible party's last known address, upon which the responsible party will have forty-five (45) days to pay the penalty.  If the responsible party fails to pay the penalty within forty-five (45) days of notice of intent to commence collection proceedings, the County is authorized to commence collection proceedings.  If the method of collection is by lien, the responsible party may request to appear before the Board of Supervisors to be heard regarding the amount of the proposed lien.

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