Fences & Hedges

Wood Fence
Section L-II 4.2.6 Fencing and Hedges

A. Purpose

The purpose of these regulations is to protect the visual quality and to minimize sight distance impairment on roadways by establishing height limits for fencing and hedges located within yard setbacks.

B. Definitions

  • Fencing - A barrier constructed of wood, metal, wire, fabric, boards, or other materials and which is intended to demarcate a boundary, separate land uses, secure animals, enclose property, and/or exclude people and animals from a designated area. Solid fencing is fencing that impairs through vision and conflicts with vehicle sight distance. Walls constructed of concrete, stone, brick, tile, or similar type of solid material are included in the definition of fencing.
  • Hedges - Compact evergreen plants forming a solid screen that impairs sight distance.

C. Height Measurement

Fencing shall be measured from the base at finished grade to the highest point. Hedges shall be measured from their base at finished grade to their highest point.

D. Height Exceptions

Table standards may be exceeded as follows:
  • If submitted as part of the review of a discretionary land use permit, the Planning Agency may allow an increased height for project that requires a higher fence, hedge, or wall for Security, visual, or noise attenuation purposes.
  • Subject to the granting of a Use Permit, fencing may exceed the height maximums established by this Chapter if findings can be made that such an exception is needed for protection of the public health and safety or to shield unsightly areas or uses.

E. UBC Compliance

Solid fence and wall construction are subject to the requirements of the Uniform Building Code.
A table displaying the height limits within a setback area.
  1. Rear yard setbacks for through parcels where the rear yard is adjacent to a street shall meet the front yard setback standards.
  2. Open fence type refers to an open board, split rail, wire, chain link, and similar type of fencing that does not impair through vision or conflict with vehicle sight distance.
  3. Open fencing within the RA district shall meet Rural District standards for side and rear yard setbacks.
Where solid and open fence materials are combined, the most restrictive standard shall apply.