The County’s Role

Government Involvement

The Nevada County Government has played a role in promoting increased local broadband coverage since the year 2000. We have actively supported the Nevada County Economic Resource Council's telecommunication committee and later renamed Broadband Leadership Council through its existence.


  • This group performed many early e-commerce training sessions for local businesses
  • Performed demand surveys
  • Partnered with local providers to identify and communicate areas of need
  • Supported local ISPs in their applications for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grants to build broadband infrastructure projects

Advisory Group Composition

The County currently is a member of the Gold Country Broadband Consortium and participates in the Nevada County Broadband Advisory Group, which is composed of:
  • Businesses
  • Economic Development Agencies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Representative Stakeholders From Government
Government Broadband Team huddled together for group photo
August 2014: Board Chairman Nate Beason and County CIO Steve Monaghan with several community leaders and Spiral Internet CEO John Paul (taking selfie with group) visiting the California Public Utility Commission in San Francisco, meeting with Commissioners and their staff to discuss the Spiral Bright Fiber CASF broadband grant project. The County has formally endorsed and supported all local ISPs grant applications as well.


Broadband service providers are regulated at the Federal and State levels, thus the County Board of Supervisor’s (BOS) has no authority on how and where they provide services in our community. We have no ability to require a provider to build out services in any particular area.

Planning & Communication

The BOS has passed planning codes to assist providers to more easily install antennas, and past a broad based official resolution (PDF) supporting broadband service expansion and directing county departments to reevaluate their processes and requirements to assist this effort. Individual Board members and the County’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) regularly communicates and meets with providers to share citizen concerns and identify areas of need. The County CIO also participated on Governor Schwarzenegger’s Broadband Task Force economic development committee.

Plan Land Use

The BOS added language into their General Plan Land Use element update to support Broadband development​​ across the county.

Policies & Programs

Policy 1.7.18
Encourage and support a sustainable and technologically current high-speed broadband transmission system that reliably connects Nevada County businesses and residences to national networks as a means to reduce transportation impacts, improve air quality, enhance citizens’ quality of life, and promote economic development.

Program 1.7.1

The County will develop site standards requiring new residential and commercial development projects to include the broadband infrastructure components and adequate bandwidth speeds necessary to support technologically current communication technologies.