Home Businesses

Home Business
Section L-II 3.11 Home Businesses

A. Purpose

To provide for limited commercial activity in the residential and rural districts on properties developed with a residence as the primary use, provided that the home business activity does not impact surrounding residential properties.

B. Standards

All Home Businesses are subject to approval of an Administrative Development Permit, but not subject to design review, unless specifically exempted by this Section, subject to the following standards:
  1. The following businesses are exempt from the Administrative Development Permit requirement of this Section, provided they meet the criteria listed in Number 2 below:
    1. Office uses conducted completely within a residence.
    2. Arts and crafts fabrication if conducted completely within the primary residence.
  2. Home businesses which are exempt from the permit requirements of this Section shall be subject to the standards listed herein except that they may not have signage nor generate customer traffic.
  3. The business shall be owned and operated by a resident of the property.
  4. The use of the property for any home business shall be clearly incidental and subordinate to its use as a single family residence and shall be contained entirely within any one building located on the property, and further provided that not more than 25% of the floor area of the dwelling unit nor more than 400 square feet of the floor area, whichever is greater, shall be used in conducting any such home business, nor shall any home business be conducted in more than one accessory building, the use thereof which shall not exceed 1,000 square feet.
  5. The business shall not alter the appearance of the premises, including but not limited to lighting, signage and outdoor activity.
  6. No article shall be sold or delivered, or offered for sale and delivery, on-site except articles produced on site.
  7. No more than 6 business-related vehicle trips (round trips) per day are permitted. Business related traffic trips shall be limited to the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday. The following exceptions to this standard are allowed for educational tutoring:
    1. Business related vehicle trips for educational tutoring may be averaged to allow a maximum 36 trips during the allowed 6-day period (Monday through Saturday).
    2. The hours of operation for educational tutoring may be extended to 9 p.m. where the number of business - related vehicles are parked on-site is limited to no more than one at any time after 5 p.m.
  8. All parking for the business shall be provided on site.
  9. One on-site, freestanding or wall sign for businesses requiring a permit, shall be limited to a maximum four square feet and may not be illuminated.
  10. No equipment or process shall be used in any such home business which generates noise in excess of the Noise Standards contained in this Chapter.
  11. No equipment or process shall be used in any home business which generates off-site, detectable vibration, glare, fumes, odors or electrical interference.
  12. All home businesses shall be subject to the regulations of local and State agencies applicable to the conduct of such business, including compliance with the Uniform Building Code, Uniform Fire Code and Health and Safety standards, including the storage of hazardous materials.
  13. Filing fees for Administrative Development Permits shall be as established by the most current Resolution of the Board of Supervisors.