ReFuel Your Fun Campaign

Propane Cylinders

The ReFuel Your Fun (RFYF) Campaign promotes the use of the new refillable 1 lb. propane cylinders and the proper disposal of single-use 1 lb. cylinders.  The single-use or disposable 1 lb. cylinders are currently costing local government money to recycle and pose a safety threat to sanitation workers due to their potential to combust when compressed during disposal.  Refillables also save consumers money and hassle!  There are currently 171 locations participating in the Campaign including 126 California U-Haul locations that sell propane, 29 REI stores nationwide as well as REI online and Home Depot online.  All participating locations can be found on the RFYF website home page or at

Local locations include: 

  • HBE Rentals, located at 11727 LaBarr Meadows Rd, Grass Valley, CA 95945.   
  • InnTown Campground, located at 9 Kidder Ct, Nevada City, CA 95959