Tips to Get Coverage

Consider Group-Deal With Neighbors

When dealing with wired and wireless providers, as a matter of sound business, they need to make sure that they have a reasonable return on their investment when extending their infrastructure. They are much more likely to make that investment if there will be the potential for more than one customer for the project. With that in mind, it helps if you have talked with neighboring homes or businesses to build a group of potential customers you can share with the provider.

Potential Discounts

For fixed wireless providers, they sometimes need the first home to be a “repeater sight” that they can then use to broadcast their signal to other nearby customers. If you’re the first home in the area requesting service, and your property is in a strategic location like on top of a hill, some providers will provide you a discount to use you as that repeater site. Combine that with a group of neighbors who are willing to sign up for service and you have a good chance to get a provider’s interest.

Tips From the California Emerging Technology Fund

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