WiFi is available at all branches of the Nevada County Community Library.  The wireless network is open to all -- a library card is not needed for access and there is no password.

Computer and Internet Use Guidelines 

Users of computers at  the Library, whether wired or wireless, must abide by the Public Internet/Wireless Access Usage Agreement which prohibits abusive, obscene or illegal activity  while using the Library's internet service. Misuse of the Library's  computing or network resources, or non-compliance with the policy is  strictly forbidden. Disruptive behavior while using the internet will  not be allowed. If inappropriate images are displayed in view of others  in the Library, the offending party will be asked to leave the premises.  Any activities deemed illegal will result in a user's permanent  disconnection from the Library's wireless network.

After  you power up your computer, it should automatically recognize the  wireless network. Then just click on your browser (e.g., Firefox,  Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome) accept the internet use policy and begin searching the internet.