Cannabis Conversation

Update: Planning Commission Meeting April 11, 2019 

At their regular meeting on April 11, 2019, the Planning Commission made its recommendation that the Board of Supervisors: 

  1. Adopt the EIR for Commercial Cannabis Cultivation EIR18-0001
  2. Approve and adopt the Ordinance ORD18-2, taking into account additonal recommendations and discussion by the Planning Commission.

To view a recording of this meeting, click here.

Board of Supervisors Meeting April 9, 2019

At their regular meeting on April 9, 2019, the Board of Supervisors passed and adopted a Temporary Moratorium on the Cultivation of Industrial Hemp within the unincorpoated areas of Nevada County. For more information, please see the Staff Memo and Urgency Interim Ordinance.  

Planning Commission Meeting April 11, 2019

The Nevada County Planning Commission will hold its regularly scheduled Public Hearing at the Board of Supervisors Chambers for the Nevada County Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance, ORD18-2; EIR18-0001. Please see the Agenda and Staff Report below for more information.

Final Environmental Impact Report for Cannabis Cultivation

The Final EIR for Cannabis Cultivation, Volume I and Volume II, is now available for review. Hard copies are also available for review at the Nevada County Planning Department and the Clerk of the Board's office. 

Notice of Public Hearing

The Nevada County Planning Commission is holding a public hearing on Thursday, April 11, 2019 in the Board Chambers at the Rood Center. The purpose of this hearing is to consider and make recommendations on the Nevada County Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance, as well as the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Ordinance. Seven days prior to the hearing, Staff Reports will be available online. Please refer to the Notice of Public Hearing for additional details.  

Commercial Cannabis Pre-Application Appointments

Starting Friday March 1, 2019, Commercial Cannabis Permit applicants can make appointments with CDA staff for Administrative Development and Commercial Cannabis Permits. Appointments will start Monday, March 4, 2019 at 8:00am on a first-come, first-served basis. Appointments are for COMPLETE submittals only. ADP and CCP packets are available online or at the CDA office located at 950 Maidu Ave. in Nevada City. 

To make an appointment to submit your application please contact Nevada County CDA at (530) 265-1222 or come visit us in person at the CDA main office. 

All other cannabis-related questions or inquiries can be emailed to the Cannabis Complaince Division at

Biological/Environmental Resources Guide

Are you applying for your ADP or CCP and unsure of what is needed for the Biological Resources Assessment? The Nevada County Planning Department has provided a guide to help you through this step of the application process. Please review this hand out before you submit your ADP or CCP application to ensure you have the necessary information. Management Plan applications and the Pre-Quailfied Biological Consultant list can be found at

Commercial Cannabis Application Guidlines for Biological/Environmental Resources

Commercial Cannabis Permit (CCP) and Administrative Development Permit (ACP) Application Packets 

Commercial Cannabis Bond Form

A Commercial Cannbis Bond form shall be submitted for all ADP and CCP applications. This is not required at the time of your application submittal but will need to be provided along with the original Certificate of Deposit (CD) prior to the issuance of any Commercial Cannabis Permit. 

Nevada County Commercial Cannabis Regulation FAQs

A DRAFT Nevada County Commercial Cannabis Regulation FAQs has been developed to help property owners prepare for the adoption of the long-term Nevada County Cannabis Ordinance. This document is based on the draft ordinance and is subject to change upon adoption of the long-term cannabis ordinance and completion of the County's Cannabis Environmental Impact Report.

Cannabis Land Use Workshop: Jan. 28, 2019

View the  Permit Preparation, Next Steps Workshop that was presented by Nevada County CDA staff members.

Draft EIR Released

View the Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Draft EIR and supporting Appendices.

BackgroundCannabis Conversation

Nevada County's history with medical cannabis starts in 1996 with the passage of the Compassionate Use Act for medical cannabis. Most recently, in the 2016 November election, Proposition 64 was passed in California allowing indoor grow for non-medical cannabis. Use our medical and non-medical cannabis timeline for a quick history of local cannabis regulations to date. Find current regulations described in Title 2: General Code - Chapter IV: General Regulations - Article 5: Marijuana Cultivation of the County Code, or in PDF (PDF)

Cannabis Ordinance Process

A draft long-term cannabis cultivation ordinance has been prepared by staff and reviewed by the Board of Supervisors. To find County cannabis-related events and event documents, from future Board of Supervisor meetings to past Cannabis Regulation Community Advisory Group (CAG) meetings, visit the Cannabis Conversation Event Documents web page. Residents may also subscribe to Board of Supervisors Agenda alerts or to Cannabis Conversation NewsFlash alerts to receive information.

Temporary Local Authorization Permit

The Board of Supervisors passed a resolution on October 23, 2018 authorizing the Community Development Agency to establish a pre-application conditional process for temporary local authorization in response to State inquiries regarding cannabis cultivation for State temporary licenses.  Applicants for temporary local authorization shall:

  • Be in compliance with the County’s current draft cannabis ordinance.
  • Demonstrate that no new environmental impacts will occur as a result of the temporary local authorization.
  • Demonstrate that the applicant will be able to cultivate on the same site and under the same license type as requested in the temporary local authorization, once the County’s new cannabis cultivation ordinance is adopted.
  • Recognize that no cultivation or growing will be allowed under the temporary local authorization until the County’s pending EIR is complete and a new cannabis cultivation ordinance has been adopted and County staff can inspect the property for compliance.
  • Recognize that the temporary local authorization gives no guarantee or promise that the holder of such local authorization will have the ability to cultivate in the future, obtain an annual state license, or annual local permit
  • Recognize that the temporary local authorization may be revoked at any time at the discretion of the Community Development Agency Director.

Once the applicant determines their compliance with all of the above, they will need to submit a complete temporary local authorization application packet. Once the application packet is thoroughly completed and signed it must be sent via email to or submitted in person at the Rood Government Center's Community Development Agency located at 950 Maidu Avenue, Suite 170 (first floor), in Nevada City. 

Email is the preferable option as there may be an increase in wait times based on the increase in customer visits. You will be contacted by a Community Development Agency staff member regarding the status of your permit application.