Nevada County Department of Environmental Health performs environmental investigations for children with elevated lead blood levels, as well as ensuring safe work practices in regards to lead-based paint.


If your building was built prior to 1978, there is a possibility that there is lead-based paint. In regards to these homes, the following work practices may create lead hazards:

  • Open flame burning or torching
  • Machine sanding/grinding without containment
  • Hydro-blasting/pressure washing without containment
  • Abrasive/sand blasting without containment
  • Dry sanding/scraping without containment

If you observe any of these unsafe work practices, please report them to Environmental Health using our Online Citizen Service Request form.

Environmental Health requires a Lead Plan Check and Permit if you are Remediating or Abating lead (both permanent and non-permanent abatement).

To learn more about how to prevent lead poisoning, please visit the Nevada County Department of Public Health's  Lead Poisoning Prevention page. Additional information can be found at the Center for Disease  Control. Information regarding lead sampling in drinking water in California  schools can be found here. If you have further questions, please contact us at env.health@co.nevada.ca.us.