New Construction Permit Fees

One of the most common questions we receive is "How much will my building permit cost?". The following is a summary of the fees and various bonds you may be required to pay. These fees do not relate to the cost of the design and construction of your project. 

Please review all CDA fees here, including Building Permits.

Fee Estimates

New Residence in Eastern Nevada County
New Residence in Western Nevada County


School Fees: Varies based on school district
Nevada Union School District Contact
Tahoe Truckee Unified School District

Fire Fees: Fees vary by the fire district.
Western Nevada County Fire Districts
Truckee Fire Protection District Fees

Deferred Submittal Fee: Current hourly rate (1-hour minimum)
Deferred Submittal Worksheet

Alternate Materials or Means of Construction/Design Review Fee: Current hourly rate (1-hour minimum)
Alternate Materials or Means of Construction Form


Grading Bond: Bond is refundable at permit final.
0-500 cubic yards: $500
501 cubic yards and over: $2000

Temporary Occupancy Bond: 1$/Square foot to a maximum of $2000
Temporary Occupancy Form

Other Fees Associated with Construction

Pacific Gas and Electric
Nevada Irrigation District
Environment Health: Septic and Well
Public Works: Encroachment permit and sewer connections