Combie Corridor Improvements

Project Description

The Combie Road Corridor Improvement project is a component of the Higgins Area Plan (approved December 5, 2000), which outlines a continuous multipurpose path on the north side of Combie and Magnolia Roads from State Route 49 to Magnolia Intermediate School on Kingston Lane. The Magnolia Road portion of the project from W Hacienda to Kingston Lane is complete.

The current phase 1 of the project will provide for an extension of the existing meandering Class I Pedestrian path from W Hacienda Drive to State Route 49 (approximately 0.83 miles) and widen Combie Road. A new signalized intersection will also be constructed at Higgins Road with the driveway to the Higgins Fire Station realigned with the intersection.

The proposed path will be approximately 8 feet wide and flanked by landscape buffers that vary in width from 2 to 5 feet and will ultimately connect to the existing pedestrian facility on the east side of West Hacienda via a crosswalk. Undergrounding of existing overhead utility lines within the County right-of-way will be conducted by PG&E.

Project construction will take place in three phases:
  1. Utility undergrounding
  2. Phase 1 Class I bicycle path construction, new signal, and Combie Road widening to Cascade Crossing Road,
  3. Phase 2 Complete Combie Road widening to West Hacienda Drive.
This project will require minor right-of-way and utility easement acquisitions.

On June 23, 2016, a Town Hall meeting was held in the community. It was well attended by residents and interested parties. Positive comments and good questions were received and responded to at the meeting.


  • Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP), Development Fees and Rule 20A Funds.

Estimated Construction Cost

  • Phase 1 - $4,500,000

Current Status

  • Phase 1 is currently in the design phase at nearly 90% complete. Construction TBD - Likely late 2018.


An initial study has been prepared and a mitigated negative declaration (IS/MND) is being proposed for this project.  The IS/MND for this project was approved by the County following public comment in early fall 2016.


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