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The Nevada County Elections Department is preparing for its implementation of the Voter’s Choice Act. Under this new act, voters will have more choice on how, when, and where they vote. For the June and November elections in 2018, every registered voter in Nevada County will receive a vote-by-mail ballot regardless of having signed up for one. However, voters will not be limited to just voting by mail; they will be able to drop off their ballots in one of our many secure drop-off locations throughout the county or they can vote in person. If a voter chooses to vote in person, he/she will no longer be limited to a single polling place on a single day. A voter may go to any of seven open vote center locations throughout the county; two vote centers will be open 10 days before the election and five, for a total of seven, vote centers will be open 3 days before the election through Election Day, including weekends. The voter will have more choice.

SB 450 Voter's Choice Act Law

SB 450 Glossary of Terms

Notice of Public Meeting to Establish Committees