Prediabetes Prevention Project

The Nevada County Prediabetes Prevention Project is a joint project with several community agencies and organizations.  The program’s goal is to reduce chronic disease in our community, specifically prediabetes and diabetes.

The project’s target population are individuals who are eligible for or enrolled in the County Medical Services Program (CMSP) or other public programs.  We reach our target population by providing services and supports to food-insecure individuals who are using food pantries in Nevada County.  
Specifically, the NCPPP partners with local food pantries, other county departments, local hospitals,and community-based organizations to:

  • Coordinate available services and referrals to CMSP, other public programs, and chronic disease prevention programs
  • Provide relevant prediabetes and diabetes services atlocations convenient to the target population
  • Develop new relevant services, including prediabetes education programs, nutrition education, and other supports
  • Support food pantries in routinely offering healthy foods and diabetic friendly options to clients, supported by healthy food policies.

Key partners for this project include Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, Tahoe Forest Hospital, Project MANA, Interfaith Food Ministry, the Food Bank of Nevada County, Connecting Point, the Family Resource Center of Truckee, and the Nevada County Health and Human Services Agency (Behavioral Health and Social Services).