Public Works Permits

Encroachment Permits

Contractors needing to construct a driveway or work within the County's public right-of-way must apply to the Department of Public Works for an Encroachment Permit. You can download an Encroachment Permit Checklist, Fee Schedule, Application and General Provisions to submit to the Department by mail or in person.

Transportation Permits

Companies needing to haul oversized loads through Nevada County must obtain a Transportation Permit. One trip permits can be completed, faxed to 265-9849 and a $15.00 check mailed to Public Works. Annual permits need to be mailed with a check for $65.00.

Over-Sized Load Permit

An oversized  trucking permit is required anytime a vehicle and/or load exceeds the following dimensions established in section 35780 of the California Vehicle  Code.

  1. Height—14’
  2. Width—8’
  3. Length—60'
  4. Weight—80,000 lbs.

A pilot car will be required if any load is over 9’6” wide. Two pilot cars (front and rear) will be required for any load 12’ or over. When a pilot car is required, moving is not authorized on Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays.

New Sewer Connections Permits

Information about fees, connecting to a District sewer system and to obtain the necessary application forms.

For information about Sewer Connection Permits in Penn Valley, Dark Horse, Eden Ranch or Higgins Village, please call the Sanitation District at (530) 265-1411.