Roadway Safety Signing Audit Program

Project Description

 In 2014 Nevada County conducted a sign audit to review signs along 48 miles of County-maintained roadways to determine compliance with the California Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). This project provided an understanding of the roadway network as a whole through a Roadway Safety Signing Audit (RSSA), resulting in a proactive approach to traffic safety which is expected to prevent fatalities and injury collisions resulting from improper signing. Most of western Nevada County is designated within either High or Very High fire hazard severity zones, and the road corridors selected for this RSSA represent collector routes with high accident histories and those that serve as major secondary emergency evacuation corridors in the event that State Highway 49 is closed or blocked for any reason. The ten roadway segments within the study area included North Bloomfield, Greenhorn, La Barr Meadows, Dog Bar, Magnolia, Combie, Wolf, Duggans, Lime Kiln, and McCourtney.

The RSSA noted that 348 signs met MUTCD requirements and required no change. However, the following recommendations were made:

Phase 1 Actions

  • 221 signs need replacement (placard only, primarily due to being outdated or not meeting retro-reflectivity requirements)
  • 318 signs require removal for failing to meet MUTCD requirements

Phase 2 Actions

  • 11 existing signs need relocation
  • 403 new signs must be installed to meet MUTCD requirements
No ground disturbance will occur in Phase 1, so no environmental study will be required. Ground disturbance will occur during Phase 2, which will require environmental review. Both phases of the project are anticipated for construction in 2015.


  • State Exchange and Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)

Total Budget

  • $432,415

Current Status

  • Construction scheduled for 2015


  • Pending