Nevada County Highway Bridge Program (HBP) Project


The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), Office of Structure Investigations is responsible for performing bridge inspections in accordance with federal regulations on approximately 12,000 bridges owned by local government agencies, and making structure work repair recommendations, determining the safe load capacity, etc. Caltrans inspects approximately 43 bridges in unincorporated Nevada County. Bridges that have been identified as structurally deficient may be eligible for replacement or repair under the Local Highway Bridge Program (HBP). The purpose of the HBP is to replace and rehabilitate public highway bridges that the State and Federal Highway Administration determine to be unsafe due to structural deficiencies.

In 2017 and early 2018 alone, Nevada County replaced or rehabilitated 5 bridges throughout western Nevada County. The County is currently working on 5 additional bridges scheduled for replacement or rehabilitation by 2022. This include (estimated construction year in parenthesis):
  • Shady Creek at Purdon Road Bridge - Replacement Project (201)
  • South Yuba River at Soda Springs Road Bridge - Replacement Project (20)
  • Hirschdale Bridges (2 total) at the Truckee River and Hinton UPRR Overhead (20)
  • North Bloomfield (Edwards Crossing) at South Yuba River (TBD
  • Purdon Bridge at Yuba River - Rehabilitation Project - scheduled for Spring 2020
Fore more information, please visit the Nevada County HBP Website.