Facts about the County - Maintained Mileage System

Paving Rural Roadways

As you can imagine, we get lots of requests to convert dirt roads to paved roads. Despite the budget constraints, over the past several years, we have converted a few unpaved roads to paved surfacing. We usually consider:

Does the road meet the minimum fire safe width?

Does the road serve overall emergency access circulation?

How many residents does it serve?

Does improving the road reduce our future maintenance cost of the road?

Is there an existing accident problem?

Maintenance on Rural Roadways

We do not have adequate funding or staffing levels to have crews that frequently cruise every county road. We annually inspect all paved roads to determine Pavement Condition Index (PCI). Some of our remote dirt roads may only be visited once or twice a year for maintenance. Maintenance work on unpaved roadways typically involves activities such as re-grading and placement of base rock, pothole patching, periodic dust control over the summer months, and responding to resident concerns.

To request road maintenance, call our main telephone number: 530-265-1411 (toll-free from exchanges 268 and 269: 888-832-1411). Or submit your request online.