Adopt-A-Road Permit (for Approved Applicants only)


The Adopt-A-Road Program is a great opportunity for individuals, groups and organizations to actively participate in keeping Nevada County roads free of litter.  
The County is very supportive of Citizens getting involved in keeping the roadways free of litter and appreciates those individuals, groups and organizations that take on the task. 
The following information has been provided in your original Approved Applicant Information Package, however we understand the need for copies of the various documents and the need for copies of the Participant Release and Waiver Form for County Road Clean-up for new participants. 
At any time you may contact the Department of Public Works for questions regarding the program.  by phone or email.  Currently the Nevada County Administrative Offices are open by appointment only and appointments are reserved for those issues that cannot be answered by phone or email. Contact via email at or by phone at (530) 265-1411. 

Note: At time of publishing this posting was currently under revision.  Some links and forms may not be readily available.  Please contact the Department of Public Works for further questions.   or by phone at (530) 265-1411.

Approved Applicant Information and Forms

Your Approved Applicant Information package will have Participant forms that will need to be completed by each individual wishing to participate as a volunteer and forms submitted back to Public Works for our files. 
The information package will also include copies of our General Provisions and  Guidelines, training links that are required to be completed by all participants and Safety Guidelines. 
Copies of the information package and forms are available on this site for current, approved Volunteer Groups. 
All Volunteer Groups must schedule and hold at least four cleanups per year. and the Department of Public Works must be notified of all scheduled clean-ups
Copies of your permit must be on site during all scheduled clean-up events

Forms  (These forms are currently under revision and unavailable)

Adopt-A-Road Volunteer Program Overview
Adopt-A-Road Volunteer Program Permit General Provisions and Guidelines
Adopt-A-Road Volunteer Program Safety Procedures
Adopt-A-Road Volunteer Program Guidance for Litter Removal During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Adopt-A-Road Volunteer Program Field Safety Guide
Adopt-A-Road Volunteer Program Participant Release and Waiver Form for County Road Clean-up