Journal Prompts

Journal Prompts

What was your initial reaction to the shelter in place order? What were your feelings or thoughts at the time? Have they changed or stayed the same as time passed?

What is different about your daily life since COVID-19 became “a thing”? What is the same? How have things changed as California begins to reopen?

What have you enjoyed doing the most while sheltering in place? (baking, new hobbies, relaxing, watching Tiger King)

What have you missed the most while sheltering in place?

What would you describe as your best day this year? Your worst?

What will be you biggest take away of 2020?

What in this present moment do you find so difficult? Why is that particularly important to you?

What are you missing the most? What about that is so valuable to you?

What are you grateful for in this challenging time?

What do you want to try to do that is different or what opportunity might this present for something new?

Who is someone you have been thinking of a lot lately who might need your support in this time? What is something you might be able to offer them?