June 7, 2022 Statewide Direct Primary Election

This page is under construction. Our office will post information about the upcoming election as quickly as possible.

Key Election Dates

DateDays to ElectionDescription
April 23, 2022E-45Deadline to send ballots to military and overseas voters
April 28, 2022E-40State and County Voter Information Guides go in the mail
May 9, 2022E-29

Early voting begins at the Nevada County Elections Office

Ballots go in the mail to all active, registered voters

Elections office may begin processing returned vote-by-mail ballots

May 23, 2022E-15State deadline to register to vote in this election
May 24, 2022E-14 - E-0Conditional Voter Registration period begins (for those who wish to register and vote after the state deadline)
May 28, 2022E-1011 Day Vote Centers open 8am - 5pm
May 31, 2022E-7Last day for election officials to mail out vote-by-mail ballots
June 4, 2022E-34 Day Vote Centers open 8am - 5pm
June 7, 2022E-0Election Day--all Vote Centers open 7am – 8pm
June 14, 2022

E+7Deadline to receive mailed ballots postmarked on or before Election Day
July 7, 2022

E+2 - E+30Official canvass period (may be completed before the deadline)

Offices Up For Election

Measure Calendar