County Surveyor

The County Surveyor is responsible for maintaining survey records and for reviewing property boundary surveys, parcel maps, and subdivision maps prior to filing the maps with the County Recorder. In Nevada County, the County Surveyor also reviews lot line adjustments and other real property matters that require County approval. View County Surveyor fees (PDF).

The County Surveyor does not survey property. Property Owners may contract with a private surveying or engineering firm to do so. 

Agreement to Pay Form

An Agreement to Pay Form must be included with all Record of Survey submissions.


Agreements to pay protect the submitter from being liable for additional charges that may be incurred during review of the ROS by the County Surveyor.  Additional charges are the responsibility of the entity named on the form. 

Unrecorded Maps

Unrecorded maps are available online.

Corner Records

Corner records are currently available on line. This project is a work in process and records are continually being added.  If you are unable to locate the record you are looking for, certified copies can be requested through the County Recorders office. Copies of corner records cannot be requested through the Public Works Department. 

Corner Records are no longer available for viewing at the Public Works office for licensed Surveyors due to COVID-19 restrictions.