Citizen's Academy

Interested in learning more about County government? Applications for our Spring 2020 Citizen's Academy are open through February 14th.

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Topics Covered

Session 1: 

Introduction to County Government

Session 2:

County Finance

Session 3:

Emergency Services & Information and General Services

Session 4:

Community Development Agency

Session 5:

Sheriff Services

Session 6:

Library & Geographic Information Systems

Session 7:

Behavioral Health & Public Health

Session 8:

Health and Human Services

Session 9:

Public Safety Collaboration

Session 10:

Board of Supervisors & Graduation


For more information on Citizen's Academy, take a look at the Citizen's Academy Brochure (PDF).


Nevada County offers a Citizen’s Academy, which aims to acquaint the community with the various functions and services of County government. Citizen’s Academy is a ten week class, covering topics from Information Technology to Public Safety, that provides its participants with insight on local Government operations and the diverse services that help support a healthy, safe and vibrant community.

Class Details

The class takes place on consecutive Monday evenings (excluding holidays) in the fall. There is no cost to participate, and a simple meal is provided at each session.

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Previous Sessions

You can find information and content from the Fall 2016 Citizen's Academy below: