Salary & Staffing Information

Staffing Resolutions

For the current staffing resolution, which is a Board of Supervisors' document that shows what titles of positions have been allocated to which departments, please review our most recent staffing document.

Salary Resolutions

The salary document shows what salary range is assigned to each position title. This document is usually updated quarterly. Here is the most recent salary document.

For reference, here are prior salary documents.  

November, 2017 Salary Document
July, 2017
July, 2016
July, 2015
July, 2014
July, 2013
July, 2012
The staffing and salary resolutions, in connection with our job descriptions, can be used by members of our public who need to complete salary surveys.

Payment Schedule

If you're interested in what our senior executive staff is paid, here is the most recent schedule (PDF) . 

Additional Information

If you can't find the information you are looking for, please contact Human Resources at 530-265-7010, option 2.