Juvenile Hall Fees

Pursuant to Nevada County Board of Supervisor's Resolution Number 03-44, the Nevada County Collections Division bills wards' parents/guardians for the cost of support of minors housed at Juvenile Hall.

Fee Coverage

As authorized by Welfare and Institutions Code Sections 903 and 904, a fee of $26 for each day, or fraction thereof, has been established. This is basically the cost of food, food preparation, clothing, and routine health screening by the California Forensic Medical Group.

Additional Costs

There will also be charges for any outside transport costs, pre-booking medical exams and any medical costs that are incurred when a ward has to be seen by a doctor or dentist. This will also include the cost of any medical tests, supplies, or prescriptions that may be ordered by a doctor or dentist.


Billing does not begin until after the ward is released from Juvenile Hall.

Divorced Parents

In cases where parents are divorced, both parents will be billed for the cost. Although one parent may have sole legal custody, both parents remain legally responsible for such costs.