Requesting a Stepparent Adoption

How Do I Request a Stepparent Adoption?


Pick up a Stepparent Adoption Application (PDF) at the Nevada County Probation Department. We are located at:
109 ½ N Pine Street
Nevada City, CA 95959
Phone: 530-265-1300

Adoption Request

Following the filing of an adoption petition in Superior Court, an "Adoption Request" is referred to the Probation Department for investigation and preparation of a Probation Officer's Stepparent Adoption Report.


There is a pre-processing, non-refundable, fee of $260, for preparation of a Stepparent Adoption Report. This fee is payable at the Nevada County Collection Division located at:
201 Church Street
Nevada City, CA 95959

Once the fee has been paid and the Probation Department has received a receipt, provided by you, your completed and returned Stepparent Adoption Application will be formally processed.

Additional Fee

Effective March 1, 2007, the Nevada County Collection Department will begin charging a $35 Administrative Fee, which is in addition to the pre-application, non-refundable $260 fee for each Stepparent Adoption Application.


You will be contacted to arrange a date and time to meet with a probation officer. Following the interview and preparation of the report, the petitioner (or the petitioner's attorney) will be provided a filed copy of the Probation Officer's Stepparent Adoption Report. Upon receipt of the report, you may calendar the matter in Superior Court. Please do not calendar the adoption proceedings prior to receipt of the probation officer's report.