Court Process for Detained Minors

Your child has been arrested and is being held at the Carl F. Bryan II Juvenile Hall. A probation officer will be assigned to investigate your child's circumstances and determine a course of action. Generally a detention hearing will occur before the Juvenile Court within 72 hours of his/her arrest if he/she is not released from custody by the Juvenile Hall or probation officer.

Detention Status Questions

If you have questions about your child's detention status please contact the Nevada County Juvenile Probation Department at 530-265-1300 and ask for the officer assigned to your child's case.

Child Contact & Medication

For information on visiting your child, contacting your child by phone or mail, or how to ensure your child receives necessary medication visit the Carl F. Bryan II Juvenile Hall page, or call 530-470-2600.

Release Prior to Hearing

If the minor is released from custody prior to a court hearing a variety of actions may occur ranging from a reprimand and dismissal, Peer Court, Informal Probation by Probation Officer, or Juvenile Court proceedings.

Juvenile Court Proceedings would be decided by the District Attorney's Office. In this case, you would receive a Notice of Hearing from the Juvenile Court with a date and time to appear in court.

Additional Information

For additional information view the Juvenile Court System - A Guide for Parents (PDF).