Tobacco Use Prevention

Our goal is to improve the health of Nevada County residents by reducing secondhand smoke, as well as secondhand aerosol exposure from e-cigs and other electronic delivery devices. We are also committed to reducing chronic disease and premature death attributable to tobacco through motivating changes in the retail environment. Lastly, we resolve to build advocacy for addressing the social determinants of health, which disproportionately affect the health of priority populations and increase the human and economic burden of chronic disease.

Our two coalitions, the Adult Tobacco Coalition and R.O.S.E Youth Coalition, work with us to bring the four objectives in our workplan to fruition: 
  1. Create tobacco-free non-recreational areas in Truckee;
  2. Work with Grass Valley their existing Tobacco Retail Licensing Policy to include a restriction on the sale of single cigarillos and little cigars; 
  3. Build capacity to address local tobacco control issues by engaging middle school and high school age youth to participate in advocacy activities around tobacco related issues, such as electronic cigarettes, second-hand smoke and flavored tobacco products;
  4. And work with local organizations to introduce 'Ask, Advise, Refer' protocols to systematically refer patients to local cessation resources and the California Smokers' Helpline.

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Are You Ready to Break the Habit?

211 offers FREE Quit Classes and Quit Kits for our community! Sign up at 530-274-5601 or call to find out when the next round of classes starts.Quit Smoking Kits & Classes

Nevada County Spreads the Word

Tobacco, Vaping & Marijuana: A Parent's Guide to a New Epidemic:

Flavors Hook Kids

 Did you know that 7 out of 10 middle and high school student who currently use tobacco have used a FLAVORED product? -CDC's MMWR Report 2018
Flavors Hook Kids

Vaping. Guess what? It's NOT vapor.

teens who vape

What We Do

The Nevada County Tobacco Prevention Program educates the community about the harmful effect of tobacco on individuals and the environment. The program also works to create local policies that protect individuals from second-hand smoke, reduce youth access to tobacco and minimize tobacco advertising. Each year the program engages youth from area schools in school and countywide tobacco prevention efforts.

The Tobacco Program has staff in Grass Valley and in Truckee, and works with two community coalitions and with many community partners to accomplish our work. The two coalitions, one adult and one youth coalition, are made up of community members who are passionate about limiting the use of tobacco in our community, in all its forms. The adult coalition meetings monthly (see flyer below) and the youth coalition also meets on a regular basis.  


Healthy Community

See Nevada County's data from the Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community project or read the Healthy Community Report (PDF).



Find help to quit smoking on NoButts.

CDC - Tips From Former Smokers

This campaign features real people suffering as a result of smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke, learn more about Tips from Former Smokers.

Pregnancy and Smoking Cessation

A CDC virtual clinic for smoking cessation for pregnancy and beyond. 

 Secondhand Smoke in Cars

Smoke in cars can be ten times more concentrated than the recognized "unhealthy" level. Read through the Secondhand Smoke in Cars Fact Sheet (PDF).


TobaccoFreeKids is a national organization for tobacco control and prevention. A national organization for tobacco control and prevention.

Stop Smoking

See the American Lung Association resources to help people quit smoking.

Truth Initiative

Check our Legacy’s innovative approaches to reduce tobacco use among youth and adults.

Forget Tobacco | Helping Young People Forget Tobacco

A national campaign dedicated to helping young people forget about tobacco. Visit this site, which was developed and ran by youth!


TheTruth is a great campaign dedicated to engaging youth in tobacco prevention and providing them with the truth about tobacco use and the tobacco industry.


Find all of California’s innovative media campaign materials on this site. Includes tons of great videos!
Tobacco Use Prevention Program
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