Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health

What We Do

The Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health (MCAH) program assesses the needs of mothers, infants, children and adolescents and makes appropriate referrals for services and benefits.

Public Health Nurses provide home visits to pregnant and parenting women, breastfeeding education and support, and referrals for postpartum depression counseling in order to improve the health of women, infants, children, adolescents and their families.


The Maternal and Child Health Program provides:
  • Home visits for both prenatal and postpartum mothers of babies up to six months old
  • Referrals and assistance for housing, food, support groups, medical and social linkages, postpartum depression counseling, support to family
  • Postpartum visits for information on childhood immunizations
  • Breastfeeding referral and support