Safety on the Web

Internet Safety

The Internet is awesome, but spammers, hackers, identity thieves are out there looking for you. Cyber bullying on Facebook is becoming as issue for teens as well. Read up before you surf!


Be Web Aware

Be Web Aware has internet helpful hints and tips, and Age-specific safety tips! From the Media Awareness Network, Ontario, Canada. Materials may be reproduced for educational purposes.

Common Sense Media

Check out the Common Sense Media site. You can download a great 24 page safety guide, along with a "Survival Tips" card to stick on the side of your monitor. Clear, easy-to-understand information.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBI Parent's Guide to Internet Safety Advice and resources from the FBI. The kids page has info and games to teach more about the FBI.

Get Net Wise

Get Net Wise focuses on internet safety, limiting spam, protecting your PC from viruses and keeping your info private. From the Internet Education Foundation.