CalWorks - Employment Services

Becoming Self-Sufficient

Along with  temporary cash assistance, the heart of the CalWORKs program is the Employment Services Program.  After a family is approved to receive cash assistance, all aided parents are referred to our Employment and Training Counselors to assist with employment and family stabilization goals.

Identifying Issues

Our staff interview each parent to identify what issues are keeping them from earning enough money to support their family.  Some of the areas we can help with include: family counseling and parenting support, housing, legal issues, child care, substance use treatment, getting a GED or attending a vocational education or community college program, job skills, career counseling, and even pay your wages while you work at a local business or non-profit organization to gain work experience.  

Our goal is to help you identify your career goal and help you step-by-step to move toward achieving your goal. Employment Services, also called Welfare-to-Work, is a program within CalWORKs that assists families in becoming self-sufficient through employment. All adults in the family, or assistance unit, are required to participate in their unique employment plan for self-sufficiency.