Can I put a Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on my property?

Areas that are zoned to allow single-family residential homes, also allow an Accessory Dwelling Unit, without subdividing your property. An accessory dwelling unit is ministerial permitted, regardless of minimum parcel size and zoning densities on all parcels within RA, R1, R2, AE, AG, FR, and TPZ zoning districts, subject to zoning compliance and building permit issuance. Additional standards, including maximum allowable sizes, can be found in Sec. L-II 3.19.1.

  • Where a property does have available density (meaning the property is at least twice the minimum allowable lot size), an accessory dwelling unit may be permitted in RA, R1, R2, AE, AG, FR, and TPZ zoning districts without limiting the size of the unit, subject to an Administrative Development Permit. Additional standards apply which can be found in Sec. L-11 3.19.2. For questions about allowed density, please contact the Planning Department at 530-265-1222 option 2 or
  • Employee Housing that does not satisfy zoning density is allowed as a permitted use subject to building permit issuance and zoning compliance for 4 or less attached or detached units where the employee is engaged in on-site employment (or on a site under the same ownership) relative to a resource-based use (i.e. mineral extraction, timber harvesting and agricultural operations). Employee housing for 5 or more employees require a State issued permit. Section L-II 3.10 of Zoning Ordinance provides specific detail regarding the limitations on this type of housing.
  • On commercial and industrially zoned properties, a maximum four dwelling units per acre are allowed, in conjunction with development of the intended commercial or industrial use. Establishing dwelling units in a commercial or industrial zoning district requires a Use Permit.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) Frequently asked Questions  (PDF)

Accessory Dwelling Unit Fast Facts (PDF)

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