What is the code compliance process?

The typical steps of the code compliance process include:

  1. A site inspection of the property will occur to determine if the violation exists.
  2. If the violation exists, a 30-day “Warning Notice of Violation Letter” is generally sent out.
  3. The standard timeframe of the initial letter is usually 30 days but it can depend on the nature of the violation.
  4. Once the 30-day timeframe expires, there is a re-inspection of the property.
  5. If the violation remains, a second enforcement letter is generally sent out, (“Citation Warning Letter”).  Typically this is also a 30-day letter but the timeframe can be changed depending on the nature of the violation.
  6. Once the timeframe expires, there is another inspection of the property.
  7. If the violation remains, a citation may now be issued. Citation fines increase from $100 to $250 and then to $500, per violation.  Citations may be issued each and every day a property remains in violation although typically citations are issued at 30 day intervals.  Citations may be issued as criminal or civil.  If criminal citations are issued, the process would be administered by the Court system.
  8. If compliance is not achieved through the citation process, the County may initiate nuisance abatement proceedings or record a lien (“Notice of Pendency”) on the property.  However, the goal of the Nevada County Code Compliance Division is to achieve voluntary compliance on the part of the property owner/tenant.

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