Are we working to contain the virus?

Yes, here in the US, the CDC is working with each state, including the California Department of Public Health, who is in turn working with every local health jurisdiction in the state. While these collective efforts have been very successful to date, we are also planning for eventual local transmission and sustained community transmission.

On March 19, 2020, the State Public Health Officer issued an Order for all Californians to remain sheltered at home. This enforceable Order is intended to preserve the public health and safety of all Californians, and to ensure the health care delivery system is capable of serving all. More information can be found on the state’s coronavirus website

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1. What is a coronavirus?
2. How contagious is the virus?
3. Where has the virus spread?
4. How worried should I be?
5. Are we working to contain the virus?
6. Has there been community transmission in the United States?
7. How do I keep myself and others safe?
8. How can I stay informed?
9. I am exhibiting symptoms like one would have with COVID019 (fever, cough, shortness of breath) and may have been exposed. What should I do?
10. Who do I contact if I don't have a primary care physician or regular health care provider?
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13. I don't have any symptoms, but I think I may have been exposed to coronavirus. What should I do?
14. Are there medications should I keep on-hand?
15. Should public events be cancelled?
16. What does the California Shelter in Place order mean?
17. Who is considered as "essential workforce" during the California Shelter in Place Order?
18. What should I do if I have concerns about violations of the Stay-At-Home order?