Can I get on a waiting list?

We know that our community is ready to be vaccinated, but there is no waiting list. Thank you for your patience and for your readiness to be vaccinated against COVID-19. As availability increases, vaccine will eventually be available via the existing local healthcare system and Nevada County Public Health. Public Health’s main role is facilitating and organizing vaccinations systems but may not be the main provider of vaccine. Statewide, mechanisms for large scale vaccinations are still in development. Our goal is to develop the best plan to vaccinate the most people as quickly and safely as possible. We are working toward that goal, and both the state’s plan and our implementation of those plans are still in development.

Public Health will be working with community partners and professional networks to get the word out to the community about how you can get vaccinated when the vaccine is more widely available.

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2. When can I get vaccinated?
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4. Can I get on a waiting list?
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