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Report of an Abandoned Vehicle

  1. Instructions
    The Code Compliance Division administers the Abandoned Vehicle Abatement (AVA) Program for the County. To report an abandoned vehicle outside City limits, complete this form or call the AVA Hotline at 530-470-2750. If the vehicle is within City limits please call the appropriate City office.

    The more information about the vehicle and location you can provide the better we can serve you. Code Compliance staff is normally able to tag a vehicle within 3 business days of the vehicle being reported. Please be aware under California law the vehicle will not be towed for a minimum of ten days unless there are public safety concerns.

    If you have questions or comments please feel free to leave a message on the AVA Hotline at 530-470-2750. Messages are checked daily.
  2. Vehicle Location
  3. Please use a 5 digit street address.
  4. (business, etc.)
  5. Please be as specific as possible to help us locate the vehicle.
  6. Vehicle Information
  7. What it looks like (e.g. bumper stickers, major dents, flat tires, broken windows, missing engine, etc.)
  8. Reported By
    You will only be contacted if additional information is required.
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