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Request a Fire Safety Defensible Space Inspection

  1. Want to know if your property is fire safe? Have a neighbor you are concerned about? Nevada County OES works in collaboration with local fire districts and funds fire inspectors to conduct fire inspections throughout Nevada County. If you have a concern about a property within city limits, inspections are managed by city staff. You may request an inspection, or file a complaint, through the the Town of Truckee, or the cities of Grass Valley and Nevada City. By filling out this form for an inspection within unincorporated Nevada County, please note that you may not be contacted by the inspector. If completing this form regarding an inspection on a neighboring property, please know that fire inspectors will likely inspect the whole neighborhood in order to maintain the anonymity of the residents who requested the inspection. Before requesting a Defensible Space Inspection, we recommend working with the property owner or collaborating with existing efforts through Firewise Communities. Inviting a neighbor to learn more about fire safety often yields the best results.

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