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Nevada County Sheriff Dispatch Web Survey

  1. The Nevada County Regional Dispatch Center is responsible for providing excellence in emergency dispatch for the Nevada County Sheriff's Office, Truckee Police Department, Grass Valley Police Department, and the Nevada City Police Department.

    The communications center strives to provide responsible and professional public safety communications to our participating agencies and the communities they serve.
  2. Call Information
  3. Did You Receive a Busy Signal When You Called?
  4. Dispatcher Information
  5. Did the Dispatcher Give You Their Name When They Answered?
  6. Was the Dispatcher Professional?
  7. Was the Dispatcher Courteous?
  8. Was the Dispatcher Helpful?
  9. Did the Dispatcher Answer Your Questions or Direct You to Somone Who Could?
  10. On a Scale of 1 (Poor) to 10 (Excellent), How Would You Rate the Quality of Service You Received With Nevada County Dispatch?
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