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County Legislative Priorities and Legislative Advocacy

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County Legislative Priorities and Legislative Advocacy
Published on: 2/11/2015 12:00 AM

Capitol.jpgAt the beginning of every calendar year, the Board of Supervisors updates and adopts its Legislative Priorities.  These priorities are provided to the County's two legislative advocacy firms, which advocate on the County's behalf at the State and Federal levels.  The County does not maintain any lobbyist staff positions; but elected officials and department heads often assist the Board in requesting, supporting or opposing legislation based on these priorities.

State of California issues and concerns: Shaw/Yoder/Antwih, Inc. - Annual contract $36,000


In addition, Nevada County is a member of three county associations that advocate on behalf of their members:

          County representative for 2016:  District 2 Supervisor Ed Scofield

          County representative for 2016: District 1 Supervisor Nate Beason

          County representative for 2016:  Supervisor Nate Beason