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Library Cards
Published on: 1/23/2012 12:00 AM


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Patrons, whether resident or non-resident of Nevada County, are eligible for a free library card, subject to the following conditions:


Age Requirements: 

• Children must be 5 to 17 years of age and use the children’s blue form. Minors must have the application signed by a parent or legal guardian with a California driver’s license or California ID card. This person should be aware that they are financially responsible until the child is 18.
• Adults 18 and older must fill out an adult white form. When a child turns 18, he or she needs to complete a new adult form and his or her record is to be updated. In this instance, a replacement card may be issued at no charge.

Proof of Residency:

• Patrons must complete the application and show a valid California driver’s license or California ID card.
• Patrons who do not have a California driver’s license or California ID card, but are residents with proof of local address will receive an O card until they obtain a CDL.

• Proof of California address is any of the following: Canceled mail addressed to applicant (not in care of mail), rent receipt printed with name and address, printed checks, deposit slip or statement, current bill printed with name and address, escrow/title company papers, vehicle registration, voter registration, Medi-cal or welfare card, DMV change of address, paycheck stub with address.

 Proof of address/Borrower Type:

• CDL with local address in Nevada County:  R (Resident of Nevada County)
• CDL with address in another California county N (Non-resident)
• CDL without current address L (Limited)
• Out-of-state driver’s license with proof of local address O (out-of-state)
• Military ID and proof of address O (Out-of-state)
• Mexico ID card and proof of address O (out-of state)
• Out-of-state driver’s license without proof of local address No card
• Passport, Bank card with picture ID, permit to work,
  or foreign driver’s license with proof of local address L (Limited)
• Passport or foreign driver’s license without proof of local address No card
• Group home: Leader’s CDL with proof of local address G

• General delivery addresses receive a R or N status with appropriate proof of address.
• Nevada state residents who work in Truckee receive an O status with proof of address and NVDL.
Borrower Type Limits:

R — Item limit 55
N Non-resident (but resident of another California county) — Item limit 55
L Limited — Item limit 3; card renews every 60 days
H Homebound—used for senior center residents in Truckee or by Book Buddies — Item limit 55
O Out-of-State, Military, or in possession of Mexico ID — Item limit 30
G Resident of local group home — Item limit 2; card expires after 6 months; to change to another status, must re-apply.
Sus Suspended. ONLY if approved by County Librarian; set by Collections staff; for patrons who have written NSF checks; or deceased patrons w/items out, or deceased patrons who were RP for youth patrons. 
Patrons must present library cards for check out; one check-out with driver's license is allowed before replacement must be purchased. Replacements cards are $2.
The Branch Manager or Designee may override these policies in special circumstances.
Laura Pappani
County Librarian

980 Helling Way
Nevada City, Ca 95959
Hours: Varies by Branch
Phone: 530.265.7050
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